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The focus: more and better leadership to build prosperity
Founded in 1991 by Dr. Linda E. Pickard who wanted more degrees of freedom for her creativity, the Pickard & Laws Consulting Group Inc. is now a lively combination of keen and talented individuals passionate about strengthening leadership wherever it is needed. We know that personal learning and fulfillment, innovating, having fun, and the prosperity of a nation, city, town, organization, team and individual are all linked to great leadership. Not just at the top but at all levels. We scour the world for best practices and constantly invent tools and processes to assist leaders and aspiring leaders to ride the relentless waves of change.

The services: how tos of strategic leadership
We provide customized and e-learning services in visioning, strategy, leadership, team, coaching, and facilitating. Our online survey and market research capabilities enhance each of these services. While the gurus expound on what to do, we turn their whats into hows…all kinds of practical tools and processes for top executives and managers to lead change effectively.

The value of our services: increasing returns in what matters to your organization
What differentiates us from others? We collaborate, educate and innovate with each assignment. We respect and work with the wisdom and expertise of staff within each client organization. We enhance and transfer knowledge and skills so that staff are more enriched and informed in working with us. As a matter of course, we use proven creative thinking and problem-solving techniques to discover better and entirely new ways of overcoming tough issues. Put together, we help build “bench strength” while tackling the issues at hand.

Clients: a broad base

Over the years, we have collaborated with clients in many industries. Client businesses range from telecommunications, computer software, the Internet, pharmaceuticals, publishing, education, health, marketing communications, financial, government, food services and hospitality, advocacy, and professional and trade associations.

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