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Healthy organizations help to create prosperous communities and nation states. At Pickard & Laws, we want to make a difference in every organization with which we come into contact. Be it building a vision, stimulating dialogue, debating on matters of common interest, or working through difficult issues, we are committed to providing safe spaces for organizational renewal and development.

To this end, we will:
• bend over backwards to meet client needs and deadlines
• keep the lines of communication open with our clients and with each other as we progress through an assignment,
  checking expectations and inventing better ways to reach desired and shared outcomes
• treat each other with respect and explore the resolution of all issues with an open mind- no blame, no finger pointing -
  only personal responsibility for both the journey and the results
• be responsible for our own learning, constantly reading and challenging each other's assumptions and viewpoints
• celebrate our achievements as they occur in acknowledgement of the “synergy” of the team
• be proactive with every assignment---thinking of what needs to be done, and helping each other to add value for clients
• honour the confidentiality of each client situation

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