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We know that great athletes set goals and work hard to attain them. The same applies to great organizations- those which live on for 50 years or more beyond any one leader's tenure. Sustainability and prosperity go hand-in-hand. Visioning is the goal-setting part, the achievements to be attained. It cannot be done lightly, captured only in a "vision statement". It is better described as a multifaceted "tapestry" with specific outcomes or vision guideposts for critical parts of the business.
An overarching vision may connect all the vision guideposts as a way to capture the vision message.

To do visioning well requires the participation of key players and stakeholders who have a knowledgeable perspective on the past, present and future. They need time together to debate, challenge assumptions about how the world may unfold and test how well potential directions may benefit the organization. Visioning is as much artistic as scientific relying on the deep wisdom and experiences of leader-managers and front line contributors.

Pickard & Laws expertise lies in guiding the various players through a productive and strategic thinking journey- from "planning to plan" to "planning for action". We provide solid research for discussion forums and skillfully facilitate groups of players through debates on tough subjects with no clear answers. We integrate the dialogue and research into a vision which serves as an organizational guide for innovation and operational decision-making.

Our visioning services also encompass economic development planning for cities and the in-depth research and surveying (communities, competitive environment, employees) that support decision-making.

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