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Every organization has a reason for being, a fundamental purpose. Why it exists. Out of that foundation emanates some foundational values and principles of doing business, a strategy for surviving short term and a vision of possibilities for the future. Put together, an identity emerges, like an artist's rendering of something he sees, feels, and experiences. Identity is a continuous snapshot of the present. While the fundamental purpose, or "mission" and the values and operating principles remain steadfast, the vision and strategies flex with the times.

We started in 1991 with Linda Pickard's desire to work with leaders in creating work environments in which people can find fulfillment and also build prosperous organizations. An avid reader of everything and a chastened rebel from organizational life in several corporations, Linda joins many in the world pursuing the "holy grail" of creating better places in which to work and pursue our individual and collective passions. She is fortunate to work with a number of associates who share her enthusiasm and focus on learning better ways to move forward in a non-stop "white water rafting" global environment.

Our vision is simple: To bring leadership mastery "to the streets" in every country of the world.

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